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Thyroid and/or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Support *These disorders often go hand in hand*

  • You'll start with Health Coach Jaye's No Hunger Sugar Detox where you'll be eating anti-inflammatory foods and eliminate sugar cravings. Clients have lost up to 10 pounds on my 2 week detox without being hungry. We then add foods back in to figure our what works with your particular body for life so you never have to diet again.

  • All of Health Coach Jaye's thyroid and PCOS clients must be under the care of an endocrinologist or physician. If you do not have one she will recommend one or help find one for you. Health Coach Jaye works with renowned endocrinologists throughout the country and world in order to collaborate with them on clients' care. In some cases, she even goes to the doctor with you for added support and advocacy.

  • You will learn which foods support optimal thyroid and PCOS health and which foods can hinder these disorders.

  • Healthy and realistic, healthy weight loss plans and goals for these with hypothyroidism & PCOS.

  • Recommendations of educational and inspirational books and online materials. 

  • An optional aisle by aisle grocery store tour and shopping list to learn what gluten-free, low glycemic, antibiotic free foods can support your thyroid and PCOS.

  • Relaxation and meditation techniques that will help relax you, lower cortisol and anxiety.

  • Figuring out what your Passionate Purpose is and learning to incorporate JOY into your daily life - whether is for 15 minutes per day or as a side business.

  • You will be empowered with knowledge about thyroid issues and PCOS so that you are an educated patient advocate able to have productive and informed conversations with your doctor.

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