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Health Coach Jaye's Story:

Body Betrayal Turned Into Advocacy

I have never posted these pictures before because it was during a very painful time in my life when I felt that my body completely and utterly betrayed me. However, I think it is important to show because it explains why I go to the ends of the earth to help my clients. I am not only an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach but also an Empowerment Advocate specializing in Mental, Physical and Emotional Health & Wellness.  I have learned from first hand experience that seeing a top physician makes all of the difference in the world, especially with endocrine issues. That is why all of my clients must be under the care of a physician. I interview and find clients a highly respected and often renowned doctor (both nationally and internationally) if they do not have one already. Here's my story and you will see why I am such a strong and powerful advocate for my clients' health and well being both through coaching and finding my clients world renowned endocrinologists and doctors for them to see -wherever they are, both nationally and internationally.


Inexplicably at age 19, I gained 90 pounds in 4 1/2 months while exercising 3 hours a day and eating salad, tuna and fiber cereal!! I went from 95 pounds (which was obviously too thin) to 185 pounds - essentially going from a size 00 to a size 18 in less than 5 months!! I thought I was going to die from frustration, embarrassment and despair but I always had a positive attitude and I said there is no way that this is going to be my life. So, I set out to fix it. I didn't stop until I did! My health journey took endless road blocks, doctors visits, tests, scans, programs, exercise routines until I found my way with great endocrinologists and a food plan that I designed that finally worked! It has become my No Hunger Sugar Detox and continuing programs. Because if it could work for me - a girl who had extreme metabolic issues, it could work for anyone. 


Every doctor and dietitian I went to accused me of binging in the middle of the night. One doctor even berated me for my weight and said I must be eating 4 pizzas a night. I said I haven't had a slice of pizza in 2 years and just because you're not smart enough to help don't you dare blame me and I stormed out! I did extensive research and diagnosed myself with hypothyroidism and finally convinced a doctor to test me. My numbers were off the charts. I lost 30 of the 90 pounds on thyroid medicine but then I did more research and learned I had to eat more and more of the foods that work with my particular body. I lost another 30 pounds. I then did more research because I thought I had PCOS and insulin resistance. Sure enough my numbers were way off and I did have PCOS and Insulin resistance. So, I found the best doctors in the world that treat that too. 


I believe in being authentic because I can't and refuse to be any other way and I also believe in being an informed health advocate. That is why my clients have lost up to 70 pounds and kept it off for years without being hungry because I tailor my program to their specific body. Because of my experience, I'm able to relate to my clients in a way no one else can. Because I'm an advocate, I interview doctors before I let my clients see them. I will also go with them to their appointments. I have consulted with various renowned doctors in order to get my clients the best care.


I help solve the puzzle to people's weight issues which includes a mind, body, soul, approach. It's not just about the food. If it was no one would have a weight issue.


So for any girl, boy, man or woman who feels they don't have hope regarding their weight. I'm here (someone with the worst metabolic issues) to tell you it's possible to lose weight in a healthy way, find joy again and live with purpose and meaning!! 


It's prophetic that the few pictures I have at this weight are on a bike because I describe my program as a bicycle. I'm the training wheels, my program is the bike and I'm here to help you every step of the way until you can ride on your own. And life is hopefully a long ride so I want to help you get the most out of it!!!

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