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I coach a lot of brilliant teenage girls and college students and my goal is to make them so empowered and confident that they can't be messed with! I am sick of girls feeling less than because of their weight, broken hearts over the wrong person, not feeling adequate in math and science and codependent relationships. Enough! Girl Power now!

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Jaye provides personalized wellness, body image and nutrition programs as well as thyroid support for individuals, children & families and corporations. Health Coach Jaye has lectured and worked with schools and universities, Fortune 500 companies, national eating disorder associations, The Boys & Girls Club and professional sports teams to help people of all ages develop and maintain healthy and happy relationships with their bodies. Jaye works closely with parents, kids and teens on implementing healthy and nutritious meal plans to increase energy, self-esteem and lower anxiety. She has spoken at schools around the country on body image, pursuing your passionate purpose and healthy nutrition.


Because of Health Coach Jaye's journey with weight, thyroid, PCOS and self-esteem issues (due to a 90 pound weight gain in less than 5 months and the aftermath of what they did to her self-esteem) she has dedicated her life to empowering girls and boys. Jaye teaches kids and teens to believe in themselves, go for their goals, never choose fear as an option and to live a meaningful life of purpose and doing good in the world. And sometimes their passionate purpose projects even turn into businesses   

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