Health Coach Jaye is a rock star!  She has helped me tremendously with my health and weight goals and taught me skills I can use forever.  Not only is Jaye super knowledgeable, she truly cares about her clients.  She keeps you accountable and encourages you every step of the way.  I have referred countless friends to Health Coach Jaye after they saw the great results I was achieving. All of these friends have also lost weight and met their health goals with Coach Jaye.  I could not recommend her enough!


– Meredith, Partner Renowned Law Firm 


Jaye, we don't know who sent you to us, all we know is that without you we would still feel as though we were just drifting all alone, searching for doctors that could help us. After years of seeing many different doctors, with no results, we have been feeling so discouraged and so frustrated.

That all changed the day we met you. 


With you as our "Health Advocate" we have made such amazing progress on our journey. For the first time ever, we are feeling HOPEFUL. 


Because of your knowledge, guidance, and understanding we are getting further and further to our goal. Words cannot express the thankfulness that we feel for you. You are the most amazing, giving person. We are forever grateful to you!


(mother of teenage client with thyroid and PCOS issues)



When I reached out to Jaye, I had hit the “hopeless” point with my weight. I was almost 70 pounds overweight and had tried everything from Weight Watchers to multiple apps to fad diets (e.g., juicing, fasting days). Even exercising 6 days a week didn’t help. At that point, I started to have medical issues that continued to get worse and I didn’t know where to turn. When I ran across Jaye on Facebook and saw all the success she had, I figured I would give it a shot. To say she is a miracle worker would be an understatement! After almost 7 months, I am down 70 pounds, my medications have been cut in half and my doctor said my medical issues are “healing.” Jaye not only made it easy, but she made me successful. Jaye is caring accessible, and extremely knowledgeable. She changed my relationship with food and did so in a way that is a sustainable life change for me. I travel a lot for work and often don’t have time to sit down for long meals, but Jaye’s program taught me how think differently so I don’t have to worry. This was never a diet-it was always about what I could eat vs. what I had to cut out. No one was more skeptical than me, and this worked when everything else failed. My results were life-changing- everyone should call Jaye!


-Rebecca, Corporate Executive at Fortune 500 Company 


I was skeptical at first that Jaye’s program would work. I had tried different programs and diets with not much success. However, I took a leap of faith and I am so glad I did. I have lost 30 pounds and counting and haven’t felt this good in years. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel ”healthy”! Jaye was knowledgeable about my condition (Hashimoto’s/hypothyroidism) and helped me put a personal plan in place to achieve healthy weight loss but also to increase energy and overall feeling of wellness. She was super responsive and has a great attitude that is infectious.


I needed the extra boost her weekly sessions gave me to vent, keep me in check and also motivated! But at the same time she encouraged me to allow myself to be human! I think in part that is why this has been a sustainable lifestyle change for me. She also understood the premium I put on my time as a busy lawyer and mother of two and helped me find ways to address that so it wasn’t a barrier to meeting my goals. If you are on the fence like I was, take the leap of faith! There is no better investment you can make than your health, for your sake but also for those you love.


- Ana, General Counsel Fortune 500 Company



Dear Jaye,


Thanks to your intuitive manner, extensive knowledge and tireless devotion to finding solutions for your clients, you have helped me reverse an extremely frustrating and challenging health situation that has plagued me for many years now. I was already well versed on healthy eating, but learned from you some very precious information that corresponded to my particular condition, which we learned about only after you convinced me to see your recommended choice of physician in New York, despite my resistance, being that I live in France. As you helped me to discover how to make better choices, based on trial & error and what felt « right » for me, coupled with the tricks and tips you offered to guide me along the process, I began to see results quickly, and have continued to see positive progress - slowly and surely over several months, which reassures me the weight loss and overall healthier state-of-affairs will be sustainable. Keep on doing what you are doing, as your efforts to make the world a brighter place for your clients is clearly working, and I am living proof.


Many thanks!


– Jane P., Renowned Business Owner and Events Planner in Paris


I took a two-week course from Jaye to realign my eating and my thinking about food. Because I didn't consume that much in calories, I was always hungry, and made up for it by eating snacks between meals that I thought were healthy but were actually very high in sugar.

Almost immediately, after I began the program I felt satiated and stopped noshing between meals, except for the allowed snacks. I shed the five pounds that I had been trying to lose, without success, for so long, despite working out five days a week.


Jaye is always available to answer questions, and she approaches the subject with passion and commitment. Hers is a holistic approach that also incorporates soul elements and the search for meaning in life. I highly recommend Jaye's program.


– Robin Blumenthal


Dear Jaye:

Thanks so much for your guidance and recommendations for better nutrition and a healthier diet. During the 4 week program, I ate as much as I wanted, was never hungry, and lost about 5 lbs. to reach my goal of about 159 lbs. I have reduced carbs and increased protein, but still get to eat a modest amount of my favorite deserts. After the past 2 weeks in Paris, eating to my heart’s content, I still managed to lose a half of a pound. Your responsiveness to emails and texts has made this coaching experience a pleasure, I hope we will continue to stay in touch and I wish you much success in spreading your message.


– Chet, CEO of Company

Jaye Seidlin, JD, CHC
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