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The Power of MEANING

I don't know how many hundreds of times over the past decade that I've shared these quotes from Dr. Viktor Frankl's seminal book, "Man's Search for Meaning." I've gifted or recommended this book to every cancer patient, physician, health coaching client, friend, stranger in a line at Trader Joe's. Read the book, read the lifechanging quotes. It's a guide to how to live in the face of everything.

Dr. Viktor Frankl was a young psychiatrist and neurologist in Vienna and because of his rising acclaim, he was given the opportunity to go to America during Nazi Germany but that would mean leaving his family. So he stayed to be with them. His pregnant wife, parents and sibling were murdered in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. He survived the camps and asked the question, "why is it that some people can not only survive the unimaginable, but thrive?" He discovered and wrote that it came down to MEANING. If you have a why to live, you can bear almost any how."

So, he wrote a book divided into two parts, the first his horrific experience in the Camps, the second his theory of LOGOTHERAPY (MEANING in Greek) and how it can change your life and thoughts. There is nothing more true in all of the world.

Look to Fred Guttenberg. His fearless, valiant fight which took down the NRA and influenced Biden to implement gun safety legislation, funding and constructive ways to combat gun violence, when most parents wouldn't be able to function after such a horrific loss of their beloved, brilliant and beautiful daughter. He is who Dr. Viktor Frankl described so brilliantly.

Read Dr. Viktor Frankl's words and turn your pain into purpose and change things for the better, because we all can.


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