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On today's Supreme Court Ruling:

I can talk about this because this is what my father has done his entire life. If you want to play any sport that my dad is a coach: you must maintain practically an A average (he will find you student tutors), you need to do SAT prep (he will find that for free), you need to workout every day with a coach, you have inspirational speakers who come speak to you, you can't drink and you can't do drugs and you have to work your ass off. That is how my dad has coached thousands of kids in his life in what many would call the inner city and they got into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia (all the Ivies), Northwestern, Duke (all top schools) and all Division 1 schools. But let me tell you, my dad has a thousand "kids" because he invests his life in kids and we can do this. But we have to change K-12 public school education and pay teachers and coaches more because they are educating and training the future of our country and we need to recruit the best, so they can give kids the best, so kids can be their best and reach their highest potential. I know this is possible because I've seen it. But nothing will change with the status quo and all kids deserve better.


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