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In Honor of ALL Veterans, Especially My Grandfather "Doc"

On this Memorial Day weekend, honoring all Veterans including my grandfather who I was named for. I never met him because he died of cancer too young. His family escaped Pogroms. His mother was a Scottish Jew who ran and owned a clothing store in NJ with his father which at the time was unheard of. He tragically lost both his parents in a car accident in his youth and his oldest daughter when she was 20. I read his beautiful letters (he was a remarkable writer) to learn how he survived such tragedies and It was his patients and love of his work (often 14-16 hours a day) that got him through the unimaginable and gave him tremendous meaning and purpose. He was brilliant, well-read, artistic and supporter of Jewish philanthropy and Israel. As far as his patients, he treated everyone from Mayors to the Mafia to Sanitation employees in New Jersey. I met some of his former patients when I was young and they all called him "Doc" and adored him. As a kid, I read his vast book collection to get to know him. I have inherited many of his First Editions. In recognition and appreciation for all in what Tom Brokaw called, The Greatest Generation and all Veterans and all "Docs" who care, Thank YOU!


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