January 22, 2019

What if I told you that millions of people are addicted to a white powdery substance that can kill them. It gives them a short high then completely depletes their energy and makes them feel awful until they get their next fix. You would probably think I was talking about cocaine right? But studies show that sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. Diabetes is a driver of obesity and obesity will soon overtake smoking as the number one cause of preventable death. 



The question is how do you stop the cycle? 



The answer is:


Health Coach Jaye's No Hunger Sugar Detox


My clients have lost up to 7 pounds in the first week and over 70 pounds in 6 months without being hungry! How is this possible? 


  • See below for Health Coach Jaye's Top 10 Tips and 24/7 Coaching to keep you accountable, everyone needs a coach!

  • Studies and experience shows when you give up sugar, you stop craving it usually by the 3rd or 4th day. 



Set Up A Complimentary Consultation To Discuss Your Health & Wellness Goals. 

Learn How My No Hunger, Sugar Detox Can Work For You!

Health Coach Jaye's Top 10 No Hunger Sugar Detox Tips


Through Health Coach Jaye's Programs and 24/7 coaching, clients have lost anywhere from  

5-70 pounds (depending on their goals). Contact Jaye for a Complimentary Consultation.


1. Stop Dieting and Start Feeding Yourself! By drastically reducing calories, you slow down your metabolism. You need to eat in order to lose! My clients are successful, curb their sugar cravings, balance their insulin levels and are able to eat more because I give them 24/7 coaching access and figure out what foods work for their particular body, for life.


2. Eating low glycemic foods and healthy fats every 3-4 hours helps reduce sugar cravings. It balances insulin and promotes healthy weight loss. 


3. You are able to enjoy treats in satisfying quantities! By using Health Coach Jaye's techniques and methods, you don't have to completely give up your favorite sweets and treats. You are able to enjoy treats in small quantities without feeling the negative physiological and emotional effects of overeating.


4. Sugar is the culprit, not healthy fats! Your body needs fat for a healthy brain, properly working digestive tract, glowing skin, menstrual cycle and in order to keep you satiated. Incorporating fats in moderation prevents binging and can promote healthy weight loss.


5. Balancing insulin and lowering inflammation is important for life-long weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Studies show foods high in sugar can cause an inflammatory response in the body.


6. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroin.* My clients have found that by day three of Health Coach Jaye's No Hunger Sugar Detox they have stopped craving sugar and junk food and their appetite has decreased.


7. Be careful with fruit and juice. Fruit is sugar. Too many servings of fruit such as those found in smoothies can increase insulin levels and cause weight gain. A glass of orange juice has as much sugar as some candy bars. You are better off consuming a serving of low glycemic fruit rather than juice. Berries are the lowest in sugar and contain the most antioxidants.


8. Fat-free is often full of chemicals. Always choose whole foods whenever possible. Tree nuts are a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Snacking on a serving of nuts throughout the day is a great way to control hunger.


9. Stop drinking diet soda and avoid artificial sweeteners. Some studies have shown a correlation between artificial sweeteners, metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance and weight gain.


10. Not every food works for every body. Health Coach Jaye helps clients figure out which foods cause weight gain, inflammation and bloating for their particular body. Health Coach Jaye's clients have lost between 5-70 lbs (depending on their goals). Through Health Coach Jaye's 24/7 Support, clients have kept the weight off while never feeling deprived.


*According to a 2008 Princeton University study (when studied in rats).


(c) 2019, Jaye Seidlin. All rights reserved.



 Health Coach Jaye 



"When I reached out to Jaye, I had hit the "hopeless" point with my weight. I was almost 70 pounds overweight and had tried everything. At that point, I started to have medical issues that continued to get worse and I didn't know where to turn. To say that Jaye is a miracle worker would be an understatement! After almost 7 months, I am down 70 pounds, my medications have been cut in half and my doctor said my medical issues are "healing." Jaye not only made it easy, but she made me successful. She is caring, accessible and extremely knowledgeable. She changed my relationship with food and did so in a way that is a sustainable life change for me - it never felt like a diet. I travel a lot for work and often don't have time to sit down for long meals, but Jaye's program taught me how to think differently so I don't have to worry. Jaye's program worked when everything else failed. My results were life-changing!" - Rebecca


"I had tried different diets without much success. On Jaye's program, I have lost 30 pounds and counting and haven't felt this good in years. I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel "healthy!" Jaye was knowledgeable about my condition (Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism) and helped me put a personal plan in place to achieve healthy weight loss but also to increase energy and overall feeling of wellness. She was super responsive and has a great attitude that is infectious. I needed the extra boost her weekly sessions gave me to vent, keep me in check and also motivated! But at the same time she encouraged me to allow myself to be human! I think in part that is why this has been a maintainable lifestyle. She also understood the premium I put on my time as a busy lawyer and mother of two. She helped me find ways to address that so it wasn't a barrier to meeting my goals. There is no better investment you can make than your health, for your sake but also for those you love."- Ana



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