National Eating Disorders Association Annual Walk & Connection Between Anorexia & Hypothyroidism

June 5, 2017

Health Coach Jaye is proud to participate in the annual NEDA walk. But I am saddened by the hundreds of young, beautiful girls here who are suffering with or have had an eating disorder. More education and outreach is needed and NEDA is doing a great job!

Did you know that an eating disorder can cause hypothyroidism?! The sad irony is that by trying to control your weight by starving yourself, you are unknowingly putting tremendous stress on the thyroid and adrenal glands which leads to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause you to lose control over your metabolism and gain a considerable amount of weight regardless of diet and exercise!! And as we all know anorexics will go to unhealthy and deadly lengths to avoid gaining weight. Therefore, it’s my mission to educate on this topic and help as many girls and boys as possible. The research is there and it needs to be discussed!!!




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