Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

June 5, 2017

We miss you John. There never was and will never be another like you! If only we all had John Lennon’s attitude, the pharmaceutical industry would be struggling and therapists would be searching for clients!

To Be Happy-how simple a concept yet how utterly elusive for many who spend their lives in the quest for more “stuff!” Which in the end never brings true happiness.



When you look back on the greatest experiences and moments in your life, you ask “when was I the happiest?”



It’s time we redefine what constitutes happiness. Because all of this striving for perfection, obtaining more and more material goods, having the perfect house or car in order to keep up with the neighbors and young girls and boys starving themselves to achieve a perfect body, only makes everyone miserable! It’s never enough!



Yet, when we do good for others, we feel good and it makes us happy. So, let us, in the wise words of John Lennon, strive to be Happy!

Now go find what makes you HAPPY and watch your heart smile!




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